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newspaperHaslbury Chambers is often featured in local and international media due to its frequent involvement in various summits, conferences, community events and more. This page contains a listing of both announcements and articles written about Halsbury Chambers and its Attorneys.

Inside the Chamber – Feb 2023Click the link below to view the latest edition of Inside the Chamber. Inside the Chamber February 2023
Royal Bahamas Police Force in the crossfire“It is counter intuitive to believe but by placing the Royal Bahamas Police Force in the crossfire” we are worsening the cross fire!” The Constitution of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas at Article 15 reads amongst other things that “every person in the Bahamas is entitled to the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual” […]
The World Trade Organization: Do we or don’t we; The Legal Issues!?On January 18 2018 an historical admission was made and reliably reported upon in a leading Bahamian daily. It was an historic admission with legal implications with little equal. Neil Hartnell, Tribune Business Editor, quoted the Lead negotiator for the Bahamas’ WTO (World Trade organization) negotiating team as asserting that the Government’s ability to protect […]
You and your Rights – Sexual Harassment in the Commonwealth of the BahamasWe have seen a great debate unfold in the United States over the last few months as to the rights of working women on the job. The movement is not gender specific nor is it limited to the dominant campaign which has been led by American women. The movement was started by Alyssa Milano, the […]
Hacking and the Charter Aircraft Industry in The BahamasThe Pilot of the Aztec aircraft that crashed, killing himself and five other people did not have a Pilot’s License to carry passengers. These are the reports coming from a preliminary investigation of the fatal crash of the Piper Aztec plane in Andros Island in the Bahamas. The facts seem to suggest, per crash investigator, […]
The Lid is off: Marital Rape in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.Marital Rape is defined as the act of “sexual intercourse” with one’s spouse without the spouse’s consent. Generally speaking it is viewed as a form of domestic violence and /or abuse. In the Bahamas there is no law which criminalizes non consensual sexual intercourse between married persons. Single women and men thus enjoy a legislative […]
Jayson Romer discusses bankruptcy laws as they relate to the Bahamas and Baha Mar (The Nassau Guardian)Read Jayson Romer’s commentary and the full article here on The Nassau Guardian’s website.
HALSBURY CHAMBERS CELEBRATES ONE OF ITS OWNNASSAU, BAHAMAS – Over the past several years, Halsbury Chambers has developed into the premier provider of quality commercial law services in the Bahamas. Through a strategy which merges the skills of dynamic and competent attorneys with sound business acumen, Halsbury Chambers has been able to offer its clientele the best legal advice to guide […]
Halsbury Chambers’ Partner Nerissa Greene Speaks on The Best Interest of the ChildSince the introduction of the UN Convention on the rights of children, countries the world over have adopted the international laws as part of efforts to protect the rights of persons under the age of 18. While human rights apply to all age groups with children having the same general human rights as adults, world […]
Halsbury Chambers Attorney Jayson Romer Attends Best Practices and New Developments in High-Stakes Litigation and Arbitration ConferenceHigh-Stakes disputes are here to stay. The age of technology has given rise to a number of global advancements including the growth and expansion of international commerce. In recent years, the speed of information technology has forced both major and minor business entities to contend with the issues born out of these advancements, among them, […]
Halsbury Chambers to Hold Free Legal Clinic | Sept. 20, 201410th Annual Free Legal Clinic by Halsbury Chambers Date: September 20, 2014 When: 9am Where: Halsbury Chambers, Village Road
Mikia S. Cooper – Faces of the IndustryFACES of the INDUSTRY Introductory Snapshot NAME: Mikia S. Cooper INDUSTRY POSITION: Associate, Halsbury Chambers (Corporate/Commercial/Litigation/Family Law) EDUCATION & TRAINING: BA Computer Information Services & LLB CAREER: Attorney-at-Law ____________________________________________________________________________   What attracted you to the sector? When I tell persons that my first Bachelors Degree is in Computer Information Systems and that I am an […]
Bahamas Central Bank ‘tops list’ as obstacle to recoveryThe Nassau Guardian published a timely article on February 3rd, 2014: Please click here to view the article in full on the Nassau Guardian’s website.  
Attorneys Urged to Watch Global PaceWith international business and cross-border transactions increasing dramatically, a partner in a Bahamian law firm said it is critical for local attorneys to keep pace with legal precedence, trends and changes in other jurisdictions. Fresh from attending the International Lawyers Network (ILN) 2013 conference in Miami, Halsbury Chambers partner Nerissa Greene said issues of taxation, […]
First Time Home-Owners Amnesty Stamp Duty ExemptionThe Ministry of Finance has recently made a change in its policy relative to the deadline for the acceptance by the Public Treasury of letters of approval previously issued under the following acts:- Stamp (Amendment) Act, 2002 And; Stamp (Amendment) (No. 2) Act, 2008 Accordingly, the public is hereby advised that all persons […]
Halsbury Chambers Attorney Mikia Cooper Attends Int’l ConferenceBOOSTING THE BAHAMAS — Estate planning specialist Mikia Cooper, Halsbury Chambers associate, attended the 1st Annual Private Wealth Latin America and the Caribbean Forum in Miami recently, helping to boost the profile of The Bahamas. Minister of Financial Services Ryan Pinder was among the speakers, touting this country’s competence in handling the most complex of […]
The Tribune: ‘Up’ the short-term work visa policy…Branville McCartney of Halsbury Chambers and leader of The Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) yesterday urged the Government to “up” its new short-term work visa policy to greater than two weeks, while commending it for “progressive” reform. While backing the Christie administration’s move to abolish the requirement that foreign workers obtain a short-term work visa, provided […]
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