A chain of islands nearly 500 miles in length off the tip of Florida and running nearly to Cuba, The Bahamas ranks among the world’s finest destinations for investment.

Year-round warmth in a business-friendly culture.

Tax neutral environment with NO capital gains, sales, income, estate, personal property tax and only minimal real property tax with NO penalty for foreign ownership. Revenue is derived from import duties and fees.

Guaranteed repatriation of funds should investors ever decide to sell.

The oldest and most stable democracy in the Western Hemisphere with a 280-year-old peaceful Parliamentary form of government whose history dates back to 1729.

Accessibility to all major markets with world-class airports.

Recent massive upgrades to infrastructure including a $150 million road improvement project, a $409 million airport expansion and redevelopment in the capital city of Nassau, dredging of the harbour to ensure that Nassau was the first port in the Caribbean and nearby region ready to accept the new class of mega cruise liners.

Sophisticated telecommunications with 4G platform throughout the islands, faster speeds in remote settlements than in many parts of the US, UK and Canada.

Availability of a cadre of well-educated skilled professionals in banking, tourism and support services, creating an investment-ready labour workforce.

The 3rd highest per capital income ranking in the region.

3rd largest ship registry worldwide with extraordinarily stringent standards attracting Disney, Carnival, RCCI and millions in private and corporate mega- and super mega-yachts. Top marina facilities.

A sportsman’s paradise where business and pleasure go hand-in-hand, breathtaking waters for deep sea fishing, diving, snorkeling, exploring, championship golf courses, tennis, horseback riding, biking, hiking, marathons, fitness clubs and spas.

Common Law system based on British law and upheld by an independent judiciary.

An array of resorts and boutique hotels catering to every need.

A calendar filled with art, culture, music, rare and exotic car racing, powerboat and sailing boat races, golf tournaments, tennis championships, track and field, basketball and other regional and international sports events.

The government of The Bahamas promotes foreign direct investment and domestic investment through industry-specific incentives, providing Customs duties exemptions or other benefits.

  • The Hotels Encouragement Act
  • The Industries Encouragement Act
  • The Export Manufacturing Industries Encouragement Act
  • The Agricultural Manufactories Act
  • The Hawksbill Creek Agreement Act
  • The Spirits and Beer Manufacture Act
  • The Bahamas Vacation Plan and Time-sharing Act

The economy of The Bahamas today rests on two strong pillars, tourism and financial services with construction, real estate development, agriculture and fisheries and other streams of revenue feeding directly or indirectly into those arteries. To diversify and strengthen the economy, the government has identified key areas where foreign direct investment is sought and the welcome mat is out. Those areas include boutique hotel development, medical and sports tourism, eco-friendly resorts, renewable energy, mari-culture, aviation and agriculture.

“With 700 islands to choose from, The Bahamas appeals to investors from around the globe.”

It is not surprising that the largest single phase development project in the Western Hemisphere, the $3.5 billion Baha Mar project, is underway in The Bahamas today. For the potential investor, the Baha Mar project with five hotels, the largest casino in the Caribbean, a massive conference centre, a condominium hotel component holds unlimited opportunity for ancillary investment to satisfy the needs of more than 2,200 hotel rooms and more than 300 luxury residences.


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