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“Halsbury Chambers handles 500+ litigation related matters per month”

With this sort of volume, there is little wonder that Halsbury Chambers is considered to be the firm of choice in the Bahamas for all matters related to litigation. Our client base includes individuals, small, medium and large businesses, corporations and everything in between. No matter the need, if it involves litigation in the Bahamas, Halsbury Chambers is the right choice for excellent service, consultation and results.

Our attorneys are skilled litigators who bring to every case a substantial amount of experience, intellect and a strong desire to win. Accordingly, we are most appropriate for those occasions where you need legal counsel who will put in the extra effort to resolve a dispute.

Litigation Proceedings in the Bahamas

When two or more parties are unable to resolve any dispute, it may be necessary to consider litigation proceedings. In the Bahamas, Litigation matters are generally heard in one of two forums:

• Magistrates’ Court – Small claims up to $5000.00

• Supreme Court – Claims $5000.00 or more.

In matters of Litigation, a wide range of remedies may be secured including monetary awards, injunctions, Orders for specific performance, Disclosure, Declarations, Garnishee proceedings, Writs of Fieri Facias and more.

In addition to the Magistrates’ and Supreme Courts, Employment matters may also be heard at the Bahamas Industrial Tribunal. To note, many employment contracts include a provision for dispute resolution by way of private and binding arbitration. Arbitration is a method of avoiding the formal court system and is favored by some larger Bahamian businesses.

Equal Rights for All

In the Bahamas, everyone has a constitutional right to defend their cause of action before any Court of law. It is the duty of the courts to consider the evidence presented in a fair and impartial manner and pass judgment based on the evidence presented. While efforts are made to expedite legal proceedings, at times they may be lengthy and complicated. In the event of an unsatisfactory decision, the right of appeal exists from the Magistrate’s Court to the Supreme Court, and from the Supreme Court, to the Court of Appeal, and from that Court, to the Privy Council.

Litigation Representation with a Heart

At Halsbury Chambers, our doors are always open and our attorneys are ready to serve you with integrity and vigor. Come in today or contact us to arrange a consultation. We will work tirelessly with you to decide on the best course of action that will result in your matter being resolved. In many instances, litigation is not the only option, but if it is the best option, Halsbury Chambers’ Litigation team will provide you with the finest professional service and expertise.

Litigation services are provided in a number of areas, including but not limited to those listed below. Our lawyers have experience at all levels of courts and tribunals in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and abroad, in addition to substantial experience in dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration.

Areas of expertise:

  • All forms of commercial litigation, including contractual, partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Franchising disputes, including breach of contract claims and injunctive relief
  • Family law litigation
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
  • International disputes including those dealing with sale of goods or services
  • Securities, capital markets and investment related litigation
  • Insurance litigation including coverage disputes and property losses
  • Personal injury claims
  • Real estate related litigation including lease & mortgage disputes
  • Construction liens and agreements
  • Restructuring & insolvency
  • Labour & employment
  • Estates
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Professional negligence claims and disputes
  • Debt collection

In addition to our domestic clients, our attorneys act for international clients and companies and/or their attorneys regarding disputes where an opposing party or property that is the subject of the dispute is located in The Bahamas.

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