Halsbury Chambers Founding Partner to Attend Latin America Investment Conference

March 12, 2013

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Branville McCartney of Halsbury Law Chambers - Partner

Branville McCartney

Halsbury Chambers founder and Managing Partner Branville McCartney will attend an international investment conference in Panama this week, less than one month after he was selected to address the Washington, D.C.-based National Bar Association on matters related to the Privy Council when the NBA held its regional meeting in The Bahamas.

Halsbury Chambers founder and Managing Partner Branville McCartney will attend the second Offshore Investment Conference in Panama March 13-14. The regional conference will highlight the success of Latin American and Caribbean economies and reveal sophisticated solutions for managing wealth creation resulting from an influx of investment into the region. The conference will bring together experts from the territory and beyond to discuss cutting-edge corporate solutions and individual financial planning strategies for the two-day conference in Panama City. Speakers include the President and CEO of Cable & Wireless Panama, the CEO of the Panama Stock Exchange, the head of the LATAM Portfolio Advisory for Swiss bank BSI LATAM and more.

“This event provides an ideal platform for our firm to exchange information, expand our knowledge and build on existing relationships by interacting with corporate, financial and legal experts and decision-makers throughout the region,” said McCartney. “Latin America is one of the fastest growing centres for commerce and investment. In recent years, the region has demonstrated increasing political poise and legal sophistication and can be expected to flex even greater economic muscle in the foreseeable future.”

The second Offshore Investment Conference is hosted by Offshore Investment magazine, a publication geared toward ultra-high-net-worth individuals, multi-national corporations, international investors and their advisors in 165 countries around the world.

The Panama conference follows less than a month after Mr. McCartney was invited to address the 20,000-member National Bar Association when the Washington, D.C.-based organisation, the oldest and largest association of African-American attorneys and judges, held its regional meeting in The Bahamas. At that conference in February, McCartney spoke on the history, and pros and cons of the Privy Council.

Halsbury Chambers, with offices on Village Road, is a progressive legal firm that established free legal clinics, Information You Need for the Life You Want, in 2005. For the past seven years, the firm has hosted dozens of speakers inviting the public without charge and allowing participants to meet with attorneys free during the workshops, part of Halsbury Chambers’ corporate culture of bridging the gap between the legal community and the general public, taking the mystery out of law and making it useful for everyday life.

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