Staff Pages for Halsbury Law Chambers

Senior Legal Consultant: Carl Bethel Q.C.

C W Bethel Halsbury Law Chambers

Civil Litigation
Commercial Law
Family Law

Tel: 1.242.393.4551 or 1.242.393.4555

Carl Bethel has had an illustrious career as Barrister at Law, Counsel and Attorney at Law and Queen’s Counsel. His work spanning decades, has led the brilliant legal mind to serving twice as Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs, also as Minister of Education, Youth Sports and Culture, Member of Parliament and Senator.

In all these endeavours, Mr. Bethel is passionate about providing service above self-interest to his clients, and importantly to everyday people, throughout his life.

As Attorney-General Mr. Bethel was deeply involved in the crafting and enactment of a suite of new legal reforms affecting the Financial Services Industry, and has consequent broad expertise in this branch of the Law.

The former Attorney-General, through his long service, has gained unique insights into all matters legal, administrative and in financial services, and is well positioned to assist in the timely and effective resolution of such matters.

Halsbury Chambers welcomes Mr. Bethel and is honoured to have him in chambers as a Senior Legal Consultant.

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