Immigration – Entry Requirements for Business & Client Meetings

July 22, 2013

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July 2013 – ISSUE 12

In the Bahamas, the Ministry of Financial Services is Working Together with The Department of Immigration to Ensure Efficient Entry into The Bahamas for Business and Client Meetings.

The Ministry of Financial Services and the Department of Immigration are committed to maintaining The Bahamas as a world class international financial centre. In this regard, the movement of foreign persons through and within The Bahamas to facilitate international business, finance and trade is expected and encouraged. It is further highlighted that it is the duty of the Department of Immigration to facilitate this movement of persons in accordance with Bahamian immigration laws and policy.

The Ministry of Financial Services and the Department of Immigration advised the public of the Immigration and Entry Procedures for short-stay (less than 2 weeks) business and client meetings in The Bahamas where there is no financial gain (i.e. employment) involved. With respect to entry to The Bahamas for said purposes, short term work permits will not be required. However, to facilitate the ease of entry into The Bahamas, the Department of Immigration recommends that the travel details of such visitors be advised to the Airport Superintendent of Immigration at least 72 hours prior to the expected date of entry. This information may be forwarded to:

Mr. Hubert Ferguson


Department of Immigration

Lynden Pindling International Airport

Nassau, Bahamas

Telephone: 242-377-6564, 242-3777033 or 242-702-7246

Prior to the above policy, there was a requirement for persons coming to the Bahamas for business and client meetings to obtain a short term work permit. This new policy is indeed a step in the right direction in allowing entry to the Bahamas less tedious for persons entering for short stay business and client meetings where there is no financial gain.

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